Djembe, Cape Town, Drumming, Drum Circle
Djembe, Cape Town, Drumming, Drum Circle

Djembe 4 All is the home of authentic West African djembe drumming in Cape Town. We offer:

  • Traditional, top-quality hand-crafted djembes direct from craftsmen in Ghana
  • An open drum cricle every Saturday from 3-6pm (134 Long Street, Cape Town)
  • Instrument tuning and repairs
  • Handmade African artefacts, including leather goods, cloth material, hand-carved figurines and jewellery.


Connect with Manan today at C: 072 821 3227/ 072 496 7473 | E: Or simply come visit us at our shop on 134 Long Street in Cape Town.


What People Say About Learning with Manan Ajimah

Manan Ajimah is a fantastic djembe teacher. My playing has vastly improved under Manan's guidance. He knows exactly which rhythms will engage, test, challenge, and improve my playing. He is patient and encouraging. The traditions of the djembe are infused in him and make him an inspiration. He also has humility, warmth and integrity - qualities I don’t take for granted. ~ J Livingstone

I’m a drummer and percussion enthusiast so when I wanted to learn West African drumming I remembered some djembe shops on Long Street. I walked in and said, hey! Manan was warm and greeted me with a smile. We just sat down and played together for an hour. After that I would go once a week and he would teach me different rhythms, how to use my hands correctly, and even how the drums are made. He is an expert in the field. I highly recommend him. ~ N Goldman

The djembe changed my life. I had locked myself away in my room for several months, very depressed. But I realized that life had to go on, and ended up in Cape Town. Learning to drum with Manan opened my heart again. I felt goodness, happiness, hope. The energy changed inside me so strongly and I changed so much emotionally. I travelled and began to do all the things I had always wanted to do. The drum heals the heart and past bad experiences. It brings joy and love and I believe it reminds us of the real child heart inside every person. We learn to share through drumming and music, and to be together - which brings peace. ~ G Lin


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