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Djembe 4 All

Facilitation of drum circles with authentic West African rhythms. Private lessons. Drumming workshops for business/corporates

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Play • Learn • Grow 

Manan Ajimah grew up with the traditions and folklore of West African percussion and is a guardian of and ambassador for the djembe and its rhythms.

Based in Cape Town since 2006, Manan has taught individuals and groups in Africa and in Europe, and inspired many hundreds of people to fall in love with the djembe and develop their knowledge and skills in traditional drumming.

He is known for his genuine warmth and encouragement, and meeting the learner at the appropriate level; he is able to challenge without overwhelming.

He has inspired and tutored many highly proficient drummers who have gone on to develop their own drum circles and have become teachers themselves.


Our Services 

  • individual tuition and private lessons for drummers of all levels of skills and ability (from R250 per hour)

  • workshops for schools, institutions, organisations, corporations, parties, private functions, festivals and any other occasion (from R150 per person per hour, min. of three people)

  • group lessons for beginners and drummers improving their skills and knowledge of the rhythms​ (from R150 per person per hour, min. of three people)


Djembe drums are made available or you bring your own. You may also be interested in our Saturday afternoon drum circle


Drum • Engage • Connect 



Join us every Saturday from 3-6pm for an open for all drum circle in front of our shop, 134 Long Street, Cape Town.

  • Beginners, tourists and locals are all warmly welcomed (R50 per person)

  • Djembes are available

  • Great fun for players and onlookers

  • Therapeutic and relaxed – no pressure!

  • Just turn up!


The play is led by Manan Ajimah, who gives basic tuition that supports and enables the absolute beginner to get playing. But the play can even be challenging for experienced players. Regulars include drummers of various levels of skill and experience.


Come along and give it a try – you'll receive a warm welcome and you'll probably make new friends!

Djembe Soul Coaching

The Djembe as an ancient African instrument owns the power to open the heart und feel in line with the flow of life. It can reconnect you to yourself, reduce tension and relieve the mind. Through its meditative effect, Djembe drumming enables you to let go of thoughts that cause discomfort and fear and allows to revive your body and spirit.


Within individual coachings, Manan helps his clients to reconnect with their inner strength, empower themselves and find their own way to happiness, all supported by the power of Djembe drumming.

Manan himself has gone through an eventful past with significant challenges. The wisdom he harnesses from his journey and from ancient African philosophy inspires and has made people turn to him for advice and direction.

His coaching is based on the values of love and human connectedness, genuine care and belief in each and every person‘s potential, forgiveness as well as trust in God, confidence and responsibility.


Get to know the joy and ancient spirit of the rhythm and see how it can affect your everyday experience.

Wholesale • Import & Export • Logistics

We deliver high-quality, authentic, hand-crafted djembes from West Africa, and other African arts and crafts, to wherever you are in the world.

We will import or export and deliver any quantity, from single items to container load, with substantial discounts for bulk purchases. Our experience, guidance and expertise will make it easy for you, as we handle all the logistics.

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of professionalism and personal care.


Authentic • Quality • Fair Prices • Expert Guidance

Djembes skillfully hand crafted by traditional djembe makers in Ghana, according to the specifications of S. Manan Ajimah regarding quality and type of wood and construction, and skinned in Cape Town by Manan Ajimah himself.

Other West African instruments also for sale.

Expert pre-purchase guidance, after-sale service, and instrument service and repair, including tuning, re-roping and re-skinning.

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