S. Manan Ajimah, from northern Ghana, is recognized to be an authentic master djembefola and teacher of traditional West African percussion. He has been featured on national television in the UK as well as in local news and websites. 

Through visits and even on the telephone to his home country, and through his travels and contacts, he keeps in touch with traditional rhythms from various regions. He also fuses traditional rhythms to create new rhythms, making the joy of djembe accessible to all.

His passion for playing and teaching djembe and sharing his traditional knowledge has been an inspiration for so many who have encountered him – many of whom remain in contact years after first discovering him in Cape Town or elsewhere.


The store 


SMA Arts & Crafts (t/a Djembe 4 All) was founded in 2006 and in April 2017 moved to new premises to 134 Long Street. The store is managed and run by S. Manan Ajimah and sells traditional African artefacts and musical instruments. We are proud of our expert knowledge, good service, fair prices, and quality products.

We are also a hub for traditional drumming and have held a drum circle virtually every Saturday in central Cape Town since 2007. Individual djembe and percussion tuition is based at the store.

We have a reputation for honest dealings and have customers and clients that keep in touch with us for years. We also export to Europe, North America and other parts of the world.


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