Drum Circle, Cape Town, Djembe
Drum Circle, Cape Town, Djembe

Drum • Engage • Connect 


Join us every Saturday from 3-6pm for an open for all drum circle in front of our shop, 134 Long Street, Cape Town.

  • Beginners, tourists and locals are all warmly welcomed (R50 per person)
  • Djembes are available
  • Great fun for players and onlookers
  • Therapeutic and relaxed – no pressure!
  • Just turn up!


The play is led by Manan Ajimah, who gives basic tuition that supports and enables the absolute beginner to get playing. But the play can even be challenging for experienced players. Regulars include drummers of various levels of skill and experience.


Come along and give it a try – you'll receive a warm welcome and you'll probably make new friends!


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Live Performances


We will give a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, head-rocking and very memorable performance for your private party, celebration, public festival, private gathering, parade, corporate function, wedding, or other event.



Contact us today


Manan Ajimah

T: 021 426 0857

C1: +27 (72) 821 3227
C2: +27 (72) 496 7473  

E: ajimah2000@yahoo.com


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