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Punu Mask

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  • A beautiful, unique, finely crafted African Okuyi facial mask from the Punu tribe. A mask which was beautifully carved, with a serene, subdued expression. The mask has a beautiful white face with scarification in diamond shape on the forehead. Set with cowrie shells, and beads of different colours. Double headdress with cowry shells in between. Braided natural fibres at the back and a hood from fabric. With signs of wear and tear. This mask embodies the ideal of feminine beauty.


    The Punu reside on the left bank of the Upper Ngoume River (Gabon) and belong to the group of tribes known as Shira which were originally part of the Luango kingdom of Angola. With the Eshira, the Lumbo, the Vili, the Galoa, and the Vungu people, the Punu migrated northwards during the 18th century and settled in the area where they continue to inhabit to this day. They live in independent villages divided into clans and families, and social cohesion is ensured by a society known as moukouji. Its primary role is to regulate community life with regards to social and judicial matters, and mainly it applies itself to the neutralization of evil forces. To this end, officiates of moukoudji utilize a cult kit that includes statuettes, human relics and masks.

    Comes with stand.
    Total height 48 cm without stand 35 cm.
    Width: 20 cm.  
    Depth: 23 cm. 
    Weight: 1100 grams.

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