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Bakongo Mask

SKU: 000037
R4 499,00Price
  • The Kongo empire was one of the most dominate and renowned powers throughout precolonial Africa. By the end of the 16th century the empire was fragmented and weakened by internal struggles, external invasions. Today the Kongo are found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, The Congo Republic, Angola and Gabon. Kongo masks are rare. They are only displayed during very important funerals, special initiation ceremonies and when judgement court is held.The mask is spiritually powerful and fully capable of judging. The facial features are natural and pronounce. This glorious mask is the epitome of and captures the essence of Congo magic! This would be a wonderful addition to your home or collection. 

    Comes with the stand

    • 34cm Tall
    • 40cm Tall on Stand 
    • 20cm Width
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