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Vintage Indigo Fabric

SKU: 000091
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  • Using ancient techniques, this unique fabric is made from hand-picked, hand-spun cotton that is woven into narrow strips on a handloom.  Strips of fabric are then sewn together to create larger pieces of fabric which are coloured deep ink blue using traditional dyes made from the Indigoferaplant family. The white patterns, which resist the dye, are created by stitching with thick threads that are cut away when the fabric is dry.  You may find some of these threads still attached to your fabric, adding to the authenticity of the piece.

    Vintage – old fabric that has been previously owned by a tribe member

    Approximate dimensions: Length = 1.45m | Width = 0.87m

    Mossi Indigo fabric – 100% cotton. Made in Mali or Burkina Faso, West Africa.

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