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Ghana Kashaka (Aslatua, Kashaka, Cas Cas) African Percussion Instrument

Ghana Kashaka

SKU: 000047
  • These African kashaka (aslatua) are hand made in Ghana from natural Swawa gourds. A kashaka is a unique hand percussion instrument that can produce interesting polyrhythms and is fascinating to play. You can play with one set or with two (one set per hand). This simple instrument (also known as aslato, kashaka, cascas, televi, kasso-kassoni, and more) is played by holding one gourd in the palm while simultaneously shaking and swinging the second gourd. The gourds come from the Swawa tree in West Africa, which are dried, hollowed, filled with pebbles, and connected with a string. You'll have hours of fun playing with this traditional African instrument. They make a great gift for any percussion enthusiast.

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