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Authentic African Headrest - Antique

SKU: 0000138
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  • African Tribal Headrest. Wood Carving. ETHIOPIA ORIGINAL. This headrest has been used and has hot a nice patina of age. In many African cultures, small wooden "pillows" are used to support the   head during sleep and in some instances to preserve a hairstyle.    In Ethiopia, the headrests come in several forms and relate to        other intricate, but abstract works. This group is massive and          solid, with an almost circular base tapering to a narrower curving. Headrest Region: Ethiopia Age: Approx. 45 years Many groups in southern Ethiopia make carved wooden headrests to enable          people to sleep without interfering with their complicated               coiffure. Hairstyles frequently declare their owner's age, gender   and status, and are often embellished by accoutrements of a        magic-religious nature. Hairstyles therefore need protecting.      

    Dimensions: 20x11x14cm 

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