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Bamileke Feathers

SKU: 0000112
R1 750,00 Regular Price
R1 662,50Sale Price
  • The Bamileke feather headdress or Tyn hat, better known as the Juju hat from Cameroon, is steeped in historical magic. Flamboyant and beautiful, they make extraordinary interior art pieces.

    This Juju hat is hand made with cured Bird feather. When not in used the juju hat can be neatly folded and put for later use. Traditional Headdress worn in Cameroon (Bamileke tribe) by the royal dancers during important ceremonies held by the tribal chief. The feather headdress or juju hat symbolise prosperity and is believed to possess the positive qualities of life. The headdress is made of natural or dyed chicken feathers stitched onto a woven raffia support and can be unfolded by pulling on a leather strap on the back into an amazing circular hat. The headdress makes an impressive wall hanging and adds texture and color to the wall.

    They come in different  colors with 750mm dimension.

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