Africa Kente

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  • Beautifully rich and bold, the black and white in this fabric are incredible. What vibrance Africa wears! This is a large cloth; it would make a beautiful wall hanging or bed spread. The strength of this fabric would make it perfect upholstery! Couches, pillows, ottomans, just imagine the look this could make in your house.

    Ewe cloth comes from the Ewe ("e-vay") people who live in southeastern Ghana and Togo. Ewe cloth is woven on a loom similar to that of the Asante Kente cloth, though Ewe cloth is more elaborate and expressive than the Asante Kente cloth. This is because the Ewe weavers are not confined by the court-regulated designs that the Kente cloth weavers are restricted by. Ewe weavers do their weavings for sale and to take to market and therefore can express themselves freely. These rich cloths are highly collectible due to the intricate patterns and quality of workmanship.

    Etymology of the word "ewe" says that one potential origin of the word comes from the strength of the fabric. Ewe means "that which does not tear."

    Ewe weavers still weave today, which is how these vintage cloths are still made available.

    Size: 2 X 4 yards