Djembe Soul Coaching


The Djembe as an ancient African instrument owns the power to open the heart und feel in line with the flow of life. It can reconnect you to yourself, reduce tension and relieve the mind. Through its meditative effect, Djembe drumming enables you to let go of thoughts that cause discomfort and fear and allows to revive your body and spirit.


Within individual coachings, Manan helps his clients to reconnect with their inner strength, empower themselves and find their own way to happiness, all supported by the power of Djembe drumming.

Manan himself has gone through an eventful past with significant challenges. The wisdom he harnesses from his journey and from ancient African philosophy inspires and has made people turn to him for advice and direction.

His coaching is based on the values of love and human connectedness, genuine care and belief in each and every person‘s potential, forgiveness as well as trust in God, confidence and responsibility.


Get to know the joy and ancient spirit of the rhythm and see how it can affect your everyday experience.


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